2 day Intermediate Precision rifle class April 4/5

2 day Intermediate Precision rifle class April 4/5


April 4/5 Saturday/ Sunday . This class is for those who have a basic understanding of their precision rifle, have experience, or maybe struggling with competing but want to take it to the next level! Coaching will consist of teaching you to build solid positions looking for visual and physical indicators, concentrating on marksmanship to gain consistency. Day 1 We will start with checking zeros, grouping consistency on paper at 100 and 300 yards, ballistic APP confirmation out to 600 yards on steel, then jump right into supported positions, timed engagements, multiple positions with multiple targets. Day 2 will start with a warm up, timed engagements, and multiple competition stages that will be run several times with coaching, shooting the VTT Precision Rifle Standards for time and score %

Gear & Equip
Rifle with optic, bipod, and sling
400 rounds of match ammunition
Shooting mat
Ballistic APP on phone
Rear and barricade support bags
Tripod with cradle (optional)
Any other gear and equipment you would normally use for shooting or competition


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