Pistol skill builder Aug 22

Pistol skill builder Aug 22


Student will be coached in marksmanship technique, learn mechanics, mental/ physical indicators to increase accuracy and consistency with their platform. Then be able to apply that to dynamic environment under stress.

Round count: 300-350

Gear and equipment
Handgun, 3 magazines (min), magazine pouches, OTW (outside waistband) holster with retention, hat, and eye/ ear protection.


Product details

Extreme accuracy with handgun- learning the mechanics needed to place shots within 1” from 3-7 yards.

Drawing from the holster for speed- natural physical adaptation and hand eye coordination to gain efficiency and speed in your draw.

Strong and weak hand- learn technique used by US Air Marshall’s to have better accuracy reduce muzzle flip for faster shots

Use of cover- left and right side cover drills changing positions, keeping threats visible, proper scanning, and tracking of targets

Shooting on the move- moving to cover or clearing structures you need to be proficient in shooting while moving.

Cover and movement drill- engage while using cover, and while moving to cover

Scenario (numbered confusion)- This drill will feature decision making shoot no shoot stresses by simple mathematical problem solving.